☄ WaterPeople Tattoos: ☄

This page contains photos of the various Tattoo work that some Waterfolk have had done. Each tattoo is a unique work of Art in itself.

Thank you to Dag Reinert Johansen and to Colin Eales for their input in the creation of this page.

So, if you happen to have a Waterboys related Tattoo (it could be a Logo, Album Art or a Lyric) and would like to have it included here, then please send an image to the email address located in the footer...Thanks!

    ☄ England: ☄

    This logo and lyric tattoo belongs to Anita Eales.

    Thank You Anita.

  1. anita.jpg

  2. This logo tattoo with a lyric of a particularly fine song belongs to Colin Eales.

    Thank You Colin.


  3. This wonderfully coloured Logo belongs to Debbie Austin.

    Thank you Debbie.


  4. This logo and lyric tattoo belongs to Joff Jon^than Northfield.

    Thank you Joff.


  5. This colourful logo tattoo in red, yellow and green belongs to Gill Charlton.

    Thank you Gill.


  6. ☄ Scotland: ☄

  7. This Waves tattoo belongs to Jim Sneddon and he did it himself!

    Thank you Jim.


  8. ☄ Germany: ☄

  9. This fantastic foot tattoo belongs to Stefanie Pech.

    Thank you Stefanie.


  10. ☄ Holland: ☄

  11. This distinctive wrist tattoo belongs to Jacko Voorzaat.

    Thank you Jacko.


  12. ☄ The Isle of Man: ☄

  13. This Logo tattoo belongs to Lenny Conroy.

    Thank you Lenny.


  14. ☄ USA: ☄

  15. These pair of logo tattoos belongs to Alied van der Zel from Wisconsin and Douglas Oelfke from Colorado.

    Thank you Alied and Douglas.


  16. This logo in blue tattoo belongs to Beverly Penn.

    Thank you Beverly.


  17. ☄ Norway: ☄

  18. This colourful Wave Logo tattoo belongs to Ingrid Rommetveit.

    Thank you Ingrid.


  19. This logo with band name tattoo belongs to Dag Reinert Johansen.

    Thank you Dag.


  20. This logo tattoo belongs to Simen MalmstrØm Hole.

    Thank you Simen.


  21. ☄ Ireland / Scotland: ☄

  22. This logo creation in various greens belongs to the Fan Site Author.


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