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☀ CD Singles ☀

This CD Singles page features a chronological selection of The Waterboys CD Singles, although there are quite a few other releases, these are all of the singles in my possession. Likewise, included here are a good many of the Mike Scott solo CD Single releases. Of course there are a couple missing from the listings but these elusive items will be added whenever they are hunted down.

Most (if not all) of The Waterboys and the Mike Scott CD singles that have been released to date, contain a great many songs unavailable elsewhere, and are therefore highly desirable by any Water person who wants to hear more rare songs!

There are various CD Promo's, Pre-Release, Advance CDs and other rare items on the Memorabillia Page. To view please Click Here!

☀ The Waterboys CD Singles ☀

  1. ☄ 'Fisherman's Blues (1988) ☄

  2. fish88.jpg

    There were two versions of the Fisherman's Blues CD single released and they had different cover sleeves as well as different tracks.

    This particular Fisherman's Blues CD single is from 1988 with a great song 'Lost Highway' as the extra track.

    The 'Lost Highway' song was also a regular in the set lists back in the old days.

  3. ☄ 'A Bang On The Ear' (1988) ☄

  4. ear88.jpg

    Unsurprisingly the song 'Bang On The Ear' became somewhat of a Waterboys anthem when it was released back in 1988.

    It is backed by a wonderfully raucous live version of 'Raggle Taggle Gypsy' which incidentally, was recorded in the Barrowlands in Glasgow.

    The single was released in two CD formats, both as a three inch and a five inch single.

  5. ☄ 'How Long will I Love You' (1990) ☄

  6. howlong.jpg

    The Germany only release of 'How Long will I Love You' in a unique green sleeve.

    The single is complemented by two extra songs,'When will We be Married' and 'Come Live with Me'.

    This CD single is not too easy to track down.

  7. ☄ 'Fishermans Blues' (1991) ☄

  8. fb2.jpg

    This is the second release of the Fishermans Blues CD single and this version dates from 1991.

    It is a three track single and includes a wonderful live version of 'Medicine Bow' recorded at the BBC on November 20th 1985.

    'Lost Highway' is the third track on the disc.

  9. ☄ 'A Man Is In Love' (1991) ☄

  10. aman90.jpg

    This single was taken from the 'Room To Roam' album.

    And there are two versions with a different cover sleeve and both feature different bonus tracks.

    There are two extra tracks on this version. Fishermans Blues and Medicine Bow, the latter which was recorded by the BBC on November 20th 1985.

  11. ☄ 'A Man Is In Love' (1991) ☄

  12. amiilg1.jpg

    Another version of the single from the 'Room To Roam' album.

    This is the second version with a green cover sleeve and featuring different bonus tracks.

    The two extra tracks on this version are Something That is Gone and Come Live with Me.

    This is the German release.

  13. ☄ 'Whole Of The Moon' (1991) ☄

  14. moon91.jpg

    This song (along with Fisherman's Blues) is probably the most well known of all the songs in The Waterboys canon, and always causes a huge stir when it is played at a live show.

    This released version dates from 1991 and it is backed with 'The Golden Age Medley' which consists of four songs, A Golden Age, Higher In Time, High Far Soon and Soon As I Get Home.

  15. ☄ 'Glastonbury Song' (1993) ☄

  16. glastocover.jpg

    This song was the first song to be taken from the fantastic 'Dream Harder' album and it is backed with three excellent unreleased songs.

    The unreleased songs on this CD are 'Chalice Hill', and the wonderfully named 'Burlington Bertie and Accrington Stanley'.

  17. ☄ 'The Return Of Pan' (1993) ☄

  18. pancover.jpg

    Another great single release from the 'Dream Harder' album, The Return Of Pan is backed with two more unreleased songs.

    These songs are Karma and Mister Powers.

    There is also a version of this single with a 'Hidden' track included of The Return of Pan (Demo Version) although it is not listed on the disc or the sleeve.

    "Lightning Eyed and Cloven-Hooved, The Great God Pan is Alive!"

  19. ☄ 'Is She Conscious?' E.P. (2000) ☄

  20. conscover.jpg concep00inner.jpg
  21. This E.P. released in 2000 is a real treasure trove and a wonderful companion to the 'A Rock In A Weary Land' album.

    Apart from the title track this E.P. contains five bonus tracks (all unreleased) and a video of 'Is She Conscious?'

    The extra songs are 'Sad Procession', 'The Faeries' Prisoner', 'Is She Conscious?' (Acoustic), 'Savage Earth Heart' (a 16 minute Live version!) and 'My Lord, What A Morning'.

    This E.P. is quite simply a 'must-have' for any Waterboys devotee!

  22. ☄ 'My Love is my Rock.....' - CD1 (2000) ☄

  23. weary1.jpg

    The first CD of this somewhat elusive withdrawn two-part 'Weary Land' set contains three songs.

    'My Love is my Rock in the Weary Land' and 'Lucky Day/Bad Advice' and the third song is 'Time, Space and the Brides Bed.'

  24. ☄ 'My Love is my Rock.....' - CD2 (2000) ☄

  25. weary2.jpg

    The second disc of this difficult to find withdrawn two-part 'Weary Land' CD set again contains three songs.

    'My Love is my Rock in the Weary Land' and the second track 'Trouble Down Yonder' is exclusive to this release. And lastly, the third song is a long version of 'Send him Down to Waco'.

  26. ☄ 'We are Jonah' - CD 1 (2001) ☄

  27. jon1.jpg

    The first CD of this two-part 'We are Jonah set contains three songs.

    'We are Jonah'(Single Mix) and 'Lucky Day/Bad Advice' and the third song is a Live version of 'Dumbing Down the World' from Glastonbury 2000. This last song is exclusive to this release and unavailable elsewhere.

  28. ☄ 'We are Jonah' - CD 2 (2001) ☄

  29. jon2.jpg

    The second disc of this two-part 'We are Jonah CD set again contains three songs.

    'We are Jonah'(Single Mix) and the second track 'Martin Descent' is exclusive to this release. And lastly, the third song is a long version of 'Send him Down to Waco'.

  30. ☄ 'This Light Is For The World' (2003) ☄

  31. thislight03.jpg

    The 'This Light Is For The World' CD single is taken from the excellent 'Universal Hall' album.

    And again we are given two extra unreleased tracks on this CD single release.

    The songs are 'Winter Blows' and a fine cover of Springsteens' 'Independence Day', which Mike once closed a show with, back in the days of the Universal Hall tour.

  32. ☄ 'Everybody Takes A Tumble' (2006) ☄

  33. tumble1.jpg

    Not too difficult to find, but well worth seeking out for the two extra songs on the disc.

    An electrifying live version of 'Killing My Heart' from the Olympia Theatre Dublin in 2006, on which Steve and Richard reach soaring heights of brilliance! And this song did not make it onto the 'Karma To Burn' live album. It can also be found on the 'Sound Of Cloud' CD.

    And lastly, a beautiful live version of the George Harrison classic 'All Things Must Pass' which was recorded on Radio Bremen in 2003.

  34. ☄ 'The Crash of Angel Wings' (2007) ☄

  35. crash_of_angel_wings.jpg

    A very rare withdrawn single with the added bonus of two exclusive live songs.

    The second track on this disc 'Higherbound' was recorded in Galway in November 2004, and the third song is 'The Wedding' was recorded in Cork, also in November 2004.

    ☀ Mike Scott CD Singles ☀

  36. ☄ 'Bring Em All In' (1995) ☄

  37. bringemcover.jpg bringcd.jpg

    The title song 'Bring Em All In' was the first CD single to be taken from the first ever Mike Scott solo album of the same name.

    It contains three extra songs, one album track 'City Full Of Ghosts' (Dublin), and two unreleased songs, 'Mother Cluny' and 'Beatles Reunion Blues'.

  38. ☄ 'Bring Em All In' MAXI Single USA (1995) ☄

  39. bringmaxi.jpg bringemrear.jpg

    The song 'Bring Em All In' was released as a Maxi CD single in the US in a red sleeve. This version contains five songs of which four are unreleased.

    Apart from the 'Mother Cluny' and 'Beatles Reunion Blues' songs, it also contains 'Two Great Waves' and 'My Beautiful Guide'.

  40. ☄ 'Building The City Of Light' CD1 (1995) ☄

  41. citycover1.jpg citycd1.jpg

    The second single from the 'Bring Em All In' album was 'Building The City Of Light'.

    And this single was released as a double CD set which were both sold separately.

    CD1 contains one unreleased song 'Where Do You Want The Boombox, Buddy' and two live songs 'Goin' Back To Glasters' and 'The Whole Of The Moon'.

  42. ☄ 'Building The City Of Light' CD2 (1995) ☄

  43. citycover2.jpg citycd2.jpg

    The second part of the set contains the title song, 'Two Great Waves', 'My Beautiful Guide (both of which are only available on the US "Bring Em All In" Maxi single described above).

    And the last track on the CD2 single is a fabulous outtake of 'Building The City Of Light' (A Universal Hall Demo).

  44. ☄ 'Love Anyway' CD1 (1997) ☄

  45. lovecover1.jpg lovecd1.jpg

    The first single from Mikes' second solo album 'Still Burning' was 'Love Anyway' and this was also released as a 2 CD set which was sold separately.

    CD 1 contains the title song plus two unreleased songs. 'King Electric'(including Moonage Daydream), and 'Blues Is My Business'.

  46. ☄ 'Love Anyway' CD2 (1997) ☄

  47. lovecover2.jpg lovecd2.jpg

    The second part of the 'Love Anyway' 2 CD set also contains the title song plus three more unreleased non album tracks.

    These songs are 'Big Lover', 'Careful With That Melletron Eugene' and 'Since I Found My School'.

  48. ☄ 'Rare, Precious And Gone' CD1 (1998) ☄

  49. rarecover1.jpg rare981inner.jpg

    The second single from the 'Still Burning' album was 'Rare, Precious And Gone' which like the last few single releases was issued as a 2 CD set also sold separately.

    CD 1 contains the title track plus 'Kiss The Wind', a live rendition of 'When Will We Be Married?' and a full length demo of 'Love Anyway'.

  50. ☄ 'Rare, Precious And Gone' CD2 (1998) ☄

  51. rarecover2.jpg rare982inner.jpg

    The second part of this excellent 2 CD set contains the title track plus two live songs and one last unreleased song.

    These songs are 'All The Things She Gave Me' live in October 1995, and 'She Is So Beautiful' recorded live in San Francisco on March 27th 1996. The last song on this CD is 'Nectar (7 Days)'.

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