My name is James Nolan and I am from Dublin (well, north Wicklow), in Ireland and I have been a long-time fan of The Waterboys' incredible collection of songs and of the many transcendental live shows that I have been lucky enough to attend over the last 29 years.

Since my very first show in June 1986, I have been very fortunate to see a large number of Waterboys and Mike Scott solo shows, along with several of the various (past and present) members' separate projects too.

Mike Scott is without a doubt, one of the finest singer-songwriters and live performers around today, in my opinion.

As there seems to be very few (if any) fan sites dedicated to The Waterboys, I wanted to create an interesting and a personal Waterboys site that hopefully some of their many legions of admirers worldwide, or even the casual visitor, will like and appreciate.

I have never attempted to create a site on such well-respected figures as The Waterboys before so I would welcome any suggestions or comments.

Thank You Everybody for taking the time to visit this website.

James Nolan

Web Author