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    ☀ A Pagan Place ☀

  1. pagan_shoot_outtake
  2. Welcome to the A Pagan Place Page. This Page contains some background to the initial recordings in Redshop, London in November 1982, a round-up of various record/CD pressings, cassettes, memorabilia and other pieces relating to the A Pagan Place album.

    A Pagan Place was released in the UK and Europe in June 1984 with a September 1984 release date for the US and Canada. February of 1984 also saw the band play their first-ever live shows with two concerts in Germany and these shows were followed by a short headlining UK tour in April.

    This was the album that made fans and music critics alike sit up and take notice of a band on a meteoric rise.

    Thank you to Dag Reinert Johansen, Ali Wilson, Marc Arscott, Dave Furneaux, Andy Pritchatt, Harry Schets and Flattop for contributing items to this web page.

    * If you happen to have a rare piece of 'A Pagan Place' memorabilia that is not shown here, please send a photo on and it shall be added. *

    ☄ A Pagan Place - Origins ☄

    The Red And The Black were a band formed by Mike after Anthony came on board. They played a grand total of nine gigs in and around London from April to July 1982. Apart from some Another Pretty Face songs and a few covers, the spine of the set was made up of songs that would appear on The Waterboys self-titled debut album the following year and the A Pagan Place record two years later in 1984. Apparently, and unsurprisingly 'Red Army Blues', which received its public debut at a show in The Embassy Club on the 10th May 1982, was a real audience favourite.

    ☄ Original The Red And The Black Poster - May 1982 ☄

    An original The Red And The Black show poster advertising two gigs from May 1982.

    Mike writes: "The art is by John Caldwell, copied from a photo, possibly of Bill Wyman".

  3. red_and_the_black_may_1982

  4. ☄ Original The Red And The Black Poster - July 1982 ☄

    Another original The Red And The Black gig poster from July 1982.

  5. red_and_the_black_july_1982

  6. You can check out each and every one of these individual setlists from 1982 (and a lot more), on the official Mike Scott and The Waterboys site...mikescottwaterboys/archive/setlists/1982

    In 1983, with the addition of several new members, The Waterboys band was born. The band name was taken from a Lou Reed song called The Kids.

    Even though Mike may have recorded some of these songs as solo demos back in November 1981, in November 1982 most of the songs that would eventually end up appearing on the first two albums were recorded at Redshop Recording Studio in north London. Subsequently more recording and remixing for A Pagan Place took place in Rockfield Recording Studio in September 1983 with possibly another recording session in March and April 1984.

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    ☄ Student Magazine - November 1983 ☄

    This is a very scarce broadsheet issue of Student Magazine from November 1983. Probably the first time the band ever graced the cover of any publication. The photo of Mike from within is on the soundstage of one of the German TV channels.

    Mike and Anthony went to Germany for a few days in early November 1983 to perform live on a number of daytime TV shows, then they went on to Paris to record several radio interviews promoting the upcoming concerts and the forthcoming album planned for the following year. This adventure is fully documented in this rare magazine.

  7. student_mag_nov_1983
  8. student_mag_pic

  9. ☄ Promo Photo - The Waterboys - 1984 ☄

    A promo photo of the band in 1984. Thank you Dag.

  10. band_promo_photo_1984

  11. ☄ Original Poster from the first Tour dates in 1984 ☄

  12. wbs_poster_1984
  13. The first-ever show by the band was in The Batschkapp Club in Frankfurt, Germany on the 19th February, with the second show in the Alabamahalle in Munich on February 20th.

    This an original poster (60 cm x 85 cm) made for these two landmark German shows.

    1984 also saw the band tour extensively around the UK and through Europe supporting The Pretenders. They finished the year with yet more solo dates in the UK and Europe, then supported U2 in the UK and Europe and also in the USA and Canada .

    The band played a total of 79 shows in 1984.

    ☄ The Waterboys - 1984 Poster ☄

    This original Waterboys poster with The Big Music imagery is from only the fourth-ever concert by the band in Strathclyde University, Glasgow on the 7th April 1984. Thank you Ali.

  14. big_music_poster_ali

  15. ☄ Original Tour Poster - The Escape Club Brighton 10th April 1984 ☄

  16. brighton_10_04_1984

  17. An original and rare poster for The Waterboys in The Escape Club in Brighton on 10th April 1984.

    This was only the fifth concert by the band.

    Thank you Marc.

    ☄ Exclusive Pre-Pagan Release - Canada and USA ☄

    ☄ Promo Mini LP with Promo Photo and Press Release ☄

    A promo gold stamped mini LP with photo and press release. This album was only released in Canada and the USA.

    It contains five tracks from the eponymous debut album.

  18. mini_lp_promo_a

  19. mini_lp_promo_b

  20. ☄ Canada / USA Mini LP Cassette ☄

    This Mini LP cassette was only released in the USA and Canada.

    It also contains five tracks from the self-titled debut album.

  21. mini_lp_tape

  22. ☄ Album Review - June 1984 ☄

    A top-notch album review from Sounds Magazine June 2nd 1984. Thank you Dave.

  23. pagan_review

  24. ☄ Album Review and Interview - June 1984 ☄

    An album review and interview from Record Mirror - June 16th 1984. Thank you Andy.

  25. pagan_review_16_june_84

  26. ☄ Press Advert - 2nd June 1984 ☄

  27. a_pagan_place_album_ad

  28. ☄ A Pagan Place Vinyl Albums and More ☄

    The original LP album which was released in 1984 and the 2002 vinyl remaster.

  29. a_pagan_place_1984
  30. a_pagan_place_2002_vinyl_remaster

  31. ☄ A Pagan Place - Irish Pressing ☄

    Original Irish pressing of A Pagan Place which was released in Ireland and the UK in June 1984.

  32. pagan_irish_side_1
  33. pagan_irish_side_2

  34. ☄ White Label Promo LP - Japanese Pressing ☄

    An original Japanese white label promotional LP pressing of A Pagan Place with lyric sheet and OBI strip.

  35. pagan_japan_front
  36. pagan_japan_reverse

  37. pagan_japan_side_1
  38. pagan_japan_side_2

  39. ☄ A Pagan Place - Canadian Pressing ☄

    Original Canadian pressing of A Pagan Place with distinctive red and yellow labels. The album was released in Canada and the USA in September 1984.

  40. canada_pagan_side_1
  41. canada_pagan_side_2

  42. ☄ Original NME Music Magazine - August 1984 ☄

  43. nme_cover_august_1984

  44. An original New Musical Express (NME) magazine from August 1984 which features photos and an extensive interview with Mike.

    ☄ A Pagan Place - USA Gold Stamped Promo LP ☄

    A USA promo gold stamped A Pagan Place LP with NME interview insert from September 1984.

  45. a_pagan_place_promo_lp

  46. ☄ USA Promo Photo and Press Release ☄

    A promo photo and band bio that came inserted with some copies of the USA promo vinyl album of A Pagan Place. Thank you Harry.

  47. pagan_photo_press_bio.

  48. ☄ A Pagan Place Acetate ☄

    Abbey Road Acetate for A Pagan Place. Thank you Flattop.

  49. f11

  50. ☄ A Pagan Place Australian White Label LP Test Press ☄

    A numbered white label test press LP from Australia housed in a full colour album sleeve.

  51. pagan_test_press_side_1
  52. pagan_test_press_side_2

  53. ☄ A Pagan Place UK LP Test Pressing ☄

    A scarce UK test press for the A Pagan Place album with the 'CHEN 2' serial number visible in photo inset. Thank you Dag.

  54. a_pagan_place_uk_test_press_a
  55. a_pagan_place_uk_test_press_b

  56. ☄ Anto and Mike Promo Photos 1984 ☄

    Thank you Andy.

  57. anto_promo_photo_1984
  58. mike_promo_photo_1984.

  59. ☄ First English Tour Dates - April 1984 ☄

    Press advert for the first-ever English tour with dates for April 1984.

  60. press_ad_early_english_dates

  61. ☄ 7-Inch Singles and More ☄

    ☄ A Pagan Place - South African 7-Inch Single ☄

    A South African 7-inch single of 'A Pagan Place' b/w 'The Thrill is Gone'. This was an exclusive single release for South Africa.

  62. pagan_sth_af_7a
  63. pagan_sth_af_7b

  64. ☄ All The Things She Gave Me - Australian 7-Inch Single ☄

    An Australian 7-inch single of 'All The Things She Gave Me' b/w 'The Big Music'. This was an exclusive single release for Australia.

  65. australia_all_the_things_a_side
  66. big_music_australia_b_side

  67. ☄ Standard 'The Big Music' 7-Inch Single ☄

    Standard UK release of The Big Music single in a picture sleeve.

  68. bm_uk_7_cover
  69. bm_uk_7_cover_reverse

  70. ☄ 'The Big Music' 7-Inch Single in Alternative Sleeve ☄

    This rare sleeve for the forthcoming The Big Music 7-inch single was NEVER released to the public, instead they used a photo for the cover that was taken in the Lake District (see above). Thank you Harry.

  71. big_music_7_alternate_front
  72. big_music_7_alternate_reverse

  73. ☄ The Big Music 7 inch Promo ☄

  74. big_music_promo_7_1
  75. big_music_promo_7_2

    ☄ The Big Music Seven-inch Proof Sleeve ☄

    An extremely rare proof sleeve of the planned cover art for The Big Music seven-inch single. This sleeve was never actually issued and is highly sought after.

    Only about five fully assembled sleeves are known to be in the collections of some hardcore fans.

    This sleeve was very kindly signed by Anthony and Mike and up until recently, neither had ever seen one before.

  76. big_music_proof_sleeve

  77. ☄ The Big Music 7-inch Proof Sheet of Sleeve ☄

    An extremely rare proof sheet for the planned (but unused) cover art for The Big Music seven-inch single. This is the only unassembled proof sheet known to have survived.

    Thank you Flattop.

  78. f27

  79. ☄ Big Music 7" Proof Sheet-Back ☄

  80. f25

  81. ☄ The Big Music - Canadian 7-Inch Single ☄

    A Canadian issue of the The Big Music 7-inch single, b/w The Earth Only Endures.

  82. canada_bm_7_a
  83. bcanada_bm_7_b

  84. ☄ Church Not Made With Hands - Canadian 7-Inch single ☄

    Thank you Dag.

  85. church_7a
  86. church_7b

  87. ☄ Church Not Made With Hands - Australia 7-Inch single ☄

    Thank you Harry.

  88. church_oz_7a
  89. church_oz_7b

  90. ☄ Church Not Made With Hands German 7-Inch Promo ☄

  91. church_sleeve_front
  92. church_sleeve_reverse

  93. church_promo_7_1
  94. church_promo_7_2

  95. ☄ The Big Music / The Earth Only Endures 1 Sided 7-Inch Test Press ☄

    Two very scarce one-sided 7-inch test pressings for The Big Music and The Earth Only Endures. Thank you Dag.

  96. dag_10

  97. ☄ 'The Big Music' Press Advert 1984 ☄

  98. big_music_ad_84

  99. A full page press advert from the NME for magazine for the self-titled debut The Waterboys and the A Pagan Place albums.

    ☄ 12-Inch Singles and More ☄

    ☄ The Big Music 12-inch in standard Sleeve ☄

    Standard UK 12-inch release of the Big Music single in a picture sleeve.

  100. big_music_12
  101. big_music_12_uk_reverse

  102. ☄ The Big Music 12-inch in a different Sleeve ☄

    The European 12-inch release of the Big Music single came housed in a different picture sleeve with a different track listing.

  103. big_music_12_europe
  104. big_music_12_europe_reverse

  105. ☄ The Big Music 12-inch in Alternative Sleeve ☄

    This sleeve for the forthcoming The Big Music 12-inch single was NEVER released to the public, instead they used a photo for the cover that was taken in the Lake District (see photo inset). Thank you Dag.

  106. dag_07
  107. big_music_12_reverse

  108. ☄ Promo 12-Inch Singles ☄

    Canadian 12-inch promo single of 'Church Not Made With Hands'. Same song on both sides in a generic sleeve.

  109. church_promo_12_a
  110. church_promo_12_b

  111. ☄ Canadian Three Track Promo 12-Inch Single ☄

  112. can_3_track_promo

  113. A Canadian three track 12-inch promotional single for the 'A Pagan Place' LP with 'The Big Music', 'A Pagan Place' and 'Church Not Made With Hands' on the A-Side.

    The B-Side of this hard to find 12-inch single contains three more tracks by Rupert Hine.

    This single plays at 33 1/3.

    ☄ Two Track one-sided 12-inch Promo Test Press ☄

    A very rare one-sided two track test press 12-inch of Bury My Heart and The Earth Only Endures. Thank you Harry.

  114. wbs_2_trk_promo_12_a
  115. wbs_2_trk_promo_12_b

  116. ☄ Promo Publicity Photos 1984 ☄

    Photos by: Sheila Rock.

  117. a_pagan_place_promo_publicity_photo
  118. promo_photo_1984

  119. ☄ CD Albums and More ☄

    ☄ A Pagan Place Standard and 2002 Remaster ☄

    Original standard issue and the 2002 remaster of A Pagan Place (with altered art work) which contains an additional five songs. These songs are The Late Train To Heaven (Rockfield Mix), Love That Kills (Instrumental), The Madness Is Here Again, Cathy and Down Through The Dark Streets.

  120. pagan_standard_cd
  121. a_pagan_place_2002

  122. ☄ A Pagan Place 2002 Remaster Promo CDr ☄

    A promo CDr 2002 remaster of A Pagan Place (with altered art work) which contains an additional five songs. Thank you Dag.

  123. a_pagan_place_promo_2002

  124. ☄ Promo Photo 1984 ☄

    Photo: Sheila Rock.

  125. pagan_promo_photo

  126. ☄ Cassette Albums ☄

    ☄ Standard Album Cassette ☄

  127. pagan_uk_tape

  128. ☄ A Pagan Place Various Cassettes ☄

    Australian and Polish issues of the A Pagan Place cassette tapes with slightly altered art work.

  129. pagan_oz_tape
  130. pagan_polish_tape

  131. ☄ A Pagan Place Tour Dates - July 1984 ☄

    Press advert for A Pagan Place tour dates in July 1984.

  132. pagan_tour_dates_1984

  133. ☄ A Pagan Place Memorabilia ☄

    ☄ A Pagan Place - Tee Shirt ☄

    A vintage A Pagan Place t-shirt from 1984.

  134. pagan_tee_1984

  135. ☄ A Pagan Place - Badges ☄

    A pair of vintage button badges for the A Pagan Place album.

  136. pagan_badges

  137. ☄ Original A Pagan Place Postcard ☄

  138. pagan_postcard

  139. An original promo postcard for the A Pagan Place album.

    ☄ Original 'A Pagan Place' Shop Display Poster ☄

  140. pagan_25_35_poster

  141. An original shop display poster for the A Pagan Place album.

    The poster size is 60 cm x 85 cm approx.

    ☄ A Pagan Place - Recycled Album Art ☄

    A much loved but worn out and unplayable vinyl album of A Pagan Place. The album sleeve has been turned into a coaster set and the vinyl record has been made into a bowl.

    This is a one of a kind piece.

  142. pagan.jpg

  143. ☄ Related Releases ☄

    ☄ The Secret Life of The Waterboys - Press Advert ☄

  144. secret_life_press_ad

  145. ☄ The Secret Life of The Waterboys 81-85 ☄

    This gem of an album was released in 1994 and it contains outtakes, demos, radio sessions and some b-sides from the 1981-1985 period. It is an essential album for any Waterboys fan to have.

  146. secret_life_cd

  147. ☄ Medicine Bow Promo CD ☄

    A one track promo disc from the 'Secret Life' album housed in a card sleeve.

  148. med_bow_promo_cd

  149. ☄ The Secret Life of The Waterboys Vinyl ☄

    A scarce double vinyl release of the 'Secret Life' album in a gatefold sleeve.

  150. secret_life_lp_cover
  151. secret_life_lp_back

  152. ☄ The Secret Life of The Waterboys Cassette ☄

  153. secret_life_tape

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