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☀ The Waterboys ☀

mike This web site was developed as the web author wished to create a Fan site that was (and is) fully dedicated to The Waterboys™ on line.

So this web site is for all fans of The Waterboys, and for those who might like to get more familiar with Mike Scott's work, and of course, for music fans in general.

So everything that is featured in this site will be directly related to The Waterboys.

Included here is a brief biography of The Waterboys, and their collected works. With as many images uploaded and general information about the band as possible, as everyone should hear and appreciate Mike Scott's and The Waterboys' vast output of music.

Also to be found here are various pieces of memorabilia, and extensive discography and links to news articles, downloads , podcasts and more.

Also posted are some Waterboys-related events and announcements on the News page, which will be updated regularly.

This Fan site was created by James Nolan, a long-time admirer of the music of Mike Scott and The Waterboys.

If anyone would like to contribute an article, an image or a link to this site, you can contact me at the link below at the bottom of the page.

☄ Thank You All for Visiting and Contributing to this Fan Site! ☄



Hello Everybody! This page will be dedicated to all news items related to The Waterboys™.

Any new tour dates, or announcements will appear here first, before being added to the relevant page or pages.


Band Bio/Links


Mike Scott formed The Waterboys back in 1983. After building up a following on the live circuit they released their self-titled debut LP that same year in 1983....Several band and band member's Links are also found on this page.




This page features a large size slideshow of some favourite Waterboys Live photos and many others, that I hope you will enjoy.I would like to say a big thank you to Dag Reinert Johansen for supplying me with several excellent images.




This page contains various bits and pieces of Waterboys Memorabilia for you to peruse at your leisure. Check back here regularly as the Memorabilia page shall be continually updated with various additions. See also the extensive collection of audio and press Links listed here for you to enjoy!




This album page features a chronological listing of the Waterboys major albums, from their radical self-titled debut album to the latest album released in 2015, called Modern Blues.




For anyone wishing to book tickets and view a full list of 2017 Tour dates, this is the page to see. Concerts are listed by date, with links for purchasing the concert tickets directly from the ticket agent or venue. Thank you for visiting.

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